Tours Offered by CabelloSquare

Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of places to visit, during day and night, which will hold your attention due to its beauty, history and warmth. Let yourself be immersed in its delights and enjoy it. Through a visual journey we invite you to enjoy an exquisite "salad bar" whose ingredients are the different attractive places of the city. We'll show the list of these different places and through the novel system of "customized tourism" we'll design an exclusive tour for you, taking into account your tastes and preferences. In addition, we'll provide professional advice regarding the places to visit. Please e-mail us for more information on what we can provide.


Through the original concept of "Customized Tourism" we design the ideal circuit so you can visit those places in Buenos Aires that you wish to know, according to your preferences, in a personalized way and with a tour guide entirely available for your needs. Along these lines, you will count on suitable options according to your schedule: we suggest you spend "a day in Buenos Aires", or visit the attractive places you have chosen at the time you decide, for as much time as you decide.


Experience Buenos Aires at night. We suggest a tour through the city that never sleeps, helping you get to know its beauty when the sun falls and the first lights are switched on. We invite you to become absorbed by its magic, with the option of enjoying excellent types of cuisine and finding a variety of shows and entertainment.


We invite you to enjoy the best tango show and the most delicious cuisine in an atmosphere devised specially for you.


Leather, handicrafts, shoes and accessories are part of the varied offerings that Buenos Aires presents. A tour customized for you, according to your needs, so as to obtain the highest quality at the most convenient price, offering our experience in the search for the best deals.


Buenos Aires is attractive due to its intense cultural life. The offer is wide and diverse: museum, cultural centers, theaters, and libraries. Many of them are internationally recognized, such as the Teatro Colón and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Our suggestion is to organize the day's destinations around what interests you, thus allowing you to know and enjoy another facet of the city.


Argentina is not only tango. The proposal: a different night where you may come in contact with the Argentine customs, in the core of Buenos Aires. The typical atmosphere and cuisine of different regions of our country mix with the music and the traditional dance in the "Peñas Folclóricas" (places where folklore music and lyrics are played and danced). An experience worth having.


We invite you to spend a different day just a few miles away from the city of Buenos Aires. In Tigre, you will have the opportunity to experience a relationship with nature. We will board a boat to travel along the rivers which form the Paraná Delta and we will share a delicious lunch on the isles. When we come back, the Fruit Port (Puerto de Frutos), typical market of the city, will be waiting to offer craftsmen's products (both food and decoration products). We suggest the option to travel for a while in a picturesque train with special characteristics. Enjoy one day in contact with nature.


A plain of fertile soil and warm climate, the province of Buenos Aires is an ideal place to experience activities related to cattle-raising and agriculture. A few short miles away from the city, we can enjoy a day in the open air, far from the hurried life of the city and in close contact with Argentine tradition and customs. The countryside offers celebrations to welcome you: shows of creole expertise (on horses), folklore shows, the famous barbecue (parilla) and different country activities, will all allow you to be the main actor on this particular stage.


We invite you to know "the city that never sleeps". After an intense day's work, the plan for the night is to have a moment to relax: an excellent selection of food mixes with the best Argentine wines, shows, and entertainment.

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